The power of your authentic expression
You're ready to unleash your true potential. This article offers my view how to find confidence in yourself. Uncover why you may be struggling with being successful and how to bring your dreams into reality.
My clients say they want to be their authentic selves. Which means being recognised, accepted and heard just the way they are.

Yet often, being able to share authentic expression is challenging. We feel vulnerable and want to avoid judgement and rejection. So instead of letting our unique light shine and illuminate the world, we erect barriers. We hold back.

In my coaching practice, I’ve observed 2 coping strategies: (1) appear as someone who will be more accepted, or (2) share fragments of their unique selves.

Neither of these 2 options is being true to oneself.

The frustration of not being heard and seen sets in. Noticing the success of peers who connect more effectively. Competitors or colleagues who sound louder and shine brighter. Eventually, being confident becomes an issue.

How can you build a bridge with someone when your own beingness is hidden? By serving a watered-down essence of who we truly are, crafting a “work”-persona, a wife-persona, a mother-persona…

Whatever role we play without being true to ourselves, it shatters our core. How authentic expression helps achieve success
Whatever role we are trying to play without being true to ourselves, it shatters our core.

The hidden part of us, the ignored or denied expression, demands attention and starts to self-sabotage.

  • Do you want a promotion? But get overlooked in favour of someone who seems a loud-mouth? Do they appear more confident or speak with more authority?
  • Do you want to grow your business but struggle to attract clients? It must be the sales or marketing strategy that is not working, right?

People feel when someone is genuine and sincere.

When these people have a choice, they either resonate with you or don’t. They either like you, or they don’t. If something feels off, they are attracted to someone else. But if it does - there is a match. A service or product finds the right client, assuming what you offer satisfies your customer needs and is a great solution.

The image we create is a projection of who we are.

People sense our mood, outlook and emotions. They read it in our intonations, body language and the use of language. We vibrate with a specific frequency, whether you call it energy or not. Our voices articulate our vibrations, the essence of who we are and what is important to us.

By embracing our authentic expression, we become more present and free-flowing.

This way, you are showing up and not dimming yourself for anybody else. It creates a shift from playing a part to being what is true. This is what others engage with.

This is what you see others do successfully.

And the beauty is you can be who you want to be, not who you are right now. This is where an empowerment and mindset coach can help. I’ll work with you to understand what matters to you and facilitate the embodiment of what you want to have, achieve and manifest.

Every unique aspect of the Universe has a right to exist and thrive. Just look at the complex and beautiful variety in nature.

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